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Private Lessons for Dogs and Puppies

My dog training services encompass much more than SIT and STAY. It’s about teaching what dogs and people really need to know and be able to do to enjoy a better life together. Yes, in the course of our private lessons together we will go over basic commands like:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Place
  • Heel
  • Out

THE GREAT part is that my approach to training is more about knowing how to put those commands into action to create a calmer state of mind in your dog and harmony in your home. I meet with clients daily who have dogs that know how to do all of those commands but they’re still experiencing nervous, rude, bratty or dangerous behaviors from their dogs. Obedience alone doesn’t solve behavior problems; sometimes it offers up an alternative behavior but still doesn’t change the dog’s mindset. I want to help you create lasting change with your dog by teaching you what YOU need to know and how to apply that information to achieve those changes.

We’ll address behaviors like:

  • Jumping
  • Nipping
  • Barking
  • Pulling
  • Door charging
  • Leash reactivity
  • Counter surfing
  • Rude greetings
  • Resource guarding
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety

THE BEST part is that these behaviors, and others, can be stopped or greatly improved quickly! We take the time to set up scenarios in the appointment that lead to the behavior and practice how to address them and get results that keep your dog safe, teach them how to make better choices, and help make your life with your dog happier for everyone.


First Lesson: In-home Leadership, Behavior & Obedience

Private lessons allow me to work one-on-one with your family and your dog (or dogs), in the home environment to address behaviors that cannot be effectively addressed in a group setting. In this session, I will educate you about your dog’s behavior and discuss the leadership elements that are necessary to promote a calm and compliant dog. We will start working together on your most critical training issues and devise a training homework plan to set you on the road to greatly improve both your dog’s behavior and his foundation obedience.

Lesson generally last 3+ hours
Lesson Fee: $350

$75 non-refundable booking fee

Follow-up Lesson: In-home Obedience & Behavior

Once you have completed the Leadership, Behavior, and Obedience lesson and practiced the homework given, we can meet again in your home to continue working one-on-one on the training goals we’ve established. We’ll dive deeper into obedience and will focus on how to continue to modify any problem behaviors we have identified.

Lesson generally last 2 hours
Lesson Fee: $225

Field Trip Practice Lesson

Available to clients who have completed 2 appointments. We meet in environments that present challenges for you and your dog. We will work together to achieve better behavior in those settings.

Lesson generally lasts about 1.5 hours
Lesson Fee: $175


In-home Puppy Consult Lesson – for puppies 4 months or younger

Having a new puppy in the home can be very overwhelming. This session is designed to educate you about what your puppy needs in these critical first weeks and months as well as answer all of your puppy training questions. We will address any existing or potential behavioral issues, introduce basic obedience commands, and create a training plan specific to your family and puppy.

Lesson generally last 2+  hours
Lesson Fee: $300 

$75 non-refundable booking fee

Phone Consult & Training


Lesson generally last 1 hour
Lesson Fee: $100

*Travel charges apply to locations that are more than 15 miles from Orangevale, CA (usually $25 –$100 additional depending on mileage and drive time)