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E-Collar Training

E-collar Training First Lesson – Once we assess your dogs base level of understanding of commands we will then go over set up, proper fit, introduce your dog to the e-collar by establishing a low working level, and then layering that stimulation level into commands that the dog already knows. We will also discuss and practice the proper way to use the e-collar when the goal is to extinguish behaviors (chasing chickens, fence fighting, and counter surfing).

Sessions generally last 3+ hours
Session Fee: $350 *e-collar not included

I prefer to use E-Collars from E-Collar Technologies. This training provides state-of-the-art, low-level, communication-style E-Collar training. Contemporary E-Collar Training utilizes the softest, most gentle remote communication, and is one of the most humane and effective approaches to dog training available! These collars use TENS Unit technology, the same muscle stimulation used by chiropractors and physical therapists. The settings range from 1-100 which translates into being able to apply sensations that are soft pressure or sensations that are stronger when something more aversive is needed.

E-collar Training Follow-up Lesson – This can either be a Follow-up session in your home or a Field Trip style session where we meet in a public setting or other environments that challenge you and your dog.

Sessions generally last 2 hours
Session Fee: $225

*E-collar Day Training packages available

*Travel charges apply to locations that are more than 15 miles from Roseville, CA (usually $25 –$100 additional depending on mileage and drive time)